Top Ten Signs That You've Been HACKED

or You've Got a Trojan.

It is not a question of When or Who, or even how or why… the question is will you have the security in place to protect your PC, your family, and especially your personal (ID) information!!!

Trojans are malware programs, think of them kind of like computer parasites, that are installed on your computer any number of ways. They are often the result of downloading files from P2P sources or other sources that may not be the most trustworthy sources of files.

Like the warriors they are named after trojans come disguised as non-malicious files and then, once successfully inside the walls of your secure system, they unpack all kind of devious little devils ready to wreak havoc that can range from fairly harmless tracking files to very dangerous tools employed to capture sensitive information or distribute viruses and other malicious software to others you share files with.

Here are ten of the most common signs you have a trojan on your computer. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, and especially if you are experiencing a number of them, make sure to use a spyware cleaner or other program to find the responsible files and clean them off your system.