Top Ten Signs That You've Been HACKED

or You've Got a Trojan.

It is not a question of When or Who, or even how or why… the question is will you have the security in place to protect your PC, your family, and especially your personal (ID) information!!!

    1. You are getting a lot of unusual error messages.
    2. Your computer sometimes shuts down unexpectedly.
    3. Your computer becomes sluggish and/or unresponsive.
    4. There are programs you are not familiar with running on your system.
    5. You find files on your computer that you didn't upload or install.
    6. Your mouse pointer sometimes disappears or seems to have a will of its own.
    7. You are using a lot more internet bandwidth than you would expect to.
    8. Your email client starts auto sending messages to those in your contact list.
    9. Your wallpaper or other system themes or settings change without your input.
    10. You start seeing a lot of windows message boxes and pop-ups appearing on the screen.

If these problems are ones you are experiencing don't worry. There are many free softwares out there that will do an excellent job in cleaning the malicious files from your computer and helping to ensure you stay Trojan free from now on. Just do an internet search for malware or spyware programs and read a few reviews to find the ones that are right for you.

And, I am really big believer in FREE… but, in this case to get the right kind of protection, you may want to invest into a fully functioning:

Now that you have your system cleaned up you are ready to finally finish that project you were working on. Well, after you finish downloading all those files you've been wanting, that is.



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